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MaRS HealthKick Adopt

April 1, 2019

Where health goes to market

MaRS HealthKick Adopt is where health institutions, decision-makers and entrepreneurs come together to drive the adoption of the latest health solutions.

Through case studies, panel presentations, high-impact keynotes and discussions, MaRS HealthKick Adopt will explore the latest trends in how health systems are accelerating the adoption of innovative technologies and solutions. This event will share the perspectives of Canadian public and private health institutions, health systems and multinational enterprises, and focus on how innovators can position themselves to drive the adoption of their technologies in local and foreign markets.

What you’ll learn

  • How Canadian private and public health institutions set their priorities, and which criteria are most important when considering new partnerships with solution providers.
  • How major health systems are approaching the adoption of innovative solutions.
  • Key strengths and opportunities that multinational enterprises are looking for when prioritizing the startups and institutions they choose to partner with.

Who you'll meet


Attendees will learn firsthand from private and public health institutions about how they set their priorities, identify potential solutions from technology innovators, and drive adoption in their organizations.


Through panel discussions and case studies, hear directly from institutions about how they’re approaching the challenges of innovation adoption.


MaRS HealthKick Adopt isn’t just for institutions and entrepreneurs. It’s also for non-profits, thought leaders, researchers, experts and anyone else interested in the future of health innovation and adoption.


Details to be announced soon.



Panel 1: Public & Private Institutions: Receptors for Innovation
This panel will discuss how institutions solve for their areas of need; how priorities are set; and what they look for in identifying partners with potential solutions.

Panel 2: Health Systems Pushing the Adoption Envelope
Learn how health systems approach the adoption of innovative solutions with the use of specific case examples. Panelists will share frameworks for identifying partners and their criteria that solutions need to meet.

Panel 3: Making it to the Big Time: How Canadian MNEs Partner with Startups
Using examples, panelists will share what they look for when collaborating with startups (partnership, acquisition, etc) and how local subsidiaries can be a gateway to global markets.