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Nick Dawson

National Executive Director of Innovation, Kaiser Permanente

Nick has been at the forefront of bringing innovation and design to healthcare providers, policy makers, and industry leaders as a way to solve our most intractable problems. Nick is the Executive Director of Innovation for Kaiser Permanente, the largest non-profit healthcare provider in the United States. He led the Innovation Hub at Johns Hopkins […]

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Ariel Garten

Co-founder, InteraXon

Ariel Garten is a psychotherapist, neuroscientist, mom, former fashion designer, and the female founder and visionary of an amazing and highly successful tech start-up Muse. Muse tracks your brain during meditation to give you real-time feedback on your meditation, guiding you into the “zone” and solving the problem most of us have when starting a […]

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Manmeet Maggu

Co-Founder and CEO, Trexo Robotics

Manmeet Maggu is Co-Founder and CEO of Trexo Robotics (YC2019). He founded Trexo after learning of his nephew’s diagnosis with cerebral palsy. Manmeet holds a Mechatronics Engineering degree from the University of Waterloo and an MBA from the Rotman School of Management. Previously, he has worked at Blackberry (RIM) and Qualcomm, among others, and brings […]

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Drew Taylor

Co-Founder and CEO, Acorn Biolabs

Drew Taylor is Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Acorn Biolabs. Biologist and former professional athlete, Drew has charted his path across molecular cell biology, science and baseball with steadfast passion over his career. Drew’s current mandate is to lead Acorn Biolabs to market to bring accessible, non-invasive and affordable live cell collection and preservation […]

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Mark Elias

Co-Founder and CEO, Steadiwear Inc

Mark Elias, the co-founder & CEO of Steadiwear Inc, has a background in vibration damping and entrepreneurship with previous experience in project controls with Turner construction management. Mark has managed Steadiwear’s R&D, manufacturing, clinical trials, IP & highly efficiently.

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Zayna Khayat

Future Strategist, SE Health

As a senior leader at SE Health (formerly Saint Elizabeth Health Care), Zayna works to create a better future for aging adults in their homes and communities. She is faculty at Singularity University’s Exponential Medicine stream, and is adjunct faculty at the Health Sector Strategy stream at the Rotman School of Management. Previously, Zayna led […]

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